A Tireless Minority

  1. Purpose: For the Real cognoscenti to post information appreciated by themselves. Put up your own ads! Make the link trend on social media. Get your Own link for each post you can then send to people, and they won't even know the ad on the page is yours.
  2. Why: Because I've wanted to make this for 20 years, and also now Drudge is controlled by anti's, and he never did this anyway. Because there is no place people can just put up links, and see them, without rigmarole. No "trending," no thought required. If you post it, it will show up in-order.
  3. Groundbreaking Feature: When you post, you can put up an AD FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT. Something you sell? Affiliate? I DO NOT CARE. Make money. Then donate to me if you should see fit.
  4. Details: I'll delete anything I want. Usually just if it's redundant but also Q-crap and things like that. Don't take it personally.
  5. What you can post: Links, Text (say some prose you wrote), and Videos (youtube (including queued-up start times) and bitchute and vimeo will appear in-line today, more later).
  6. To Delete Posts: Write to me at editor@ChestertonEagle.com or contact on Mastodon if you know me. I will send you a special link so you can delete all posts now and in the future. Very powerful.
  7. To Edit Posts: Doesn't exist here yet. I'll add it shortly hopefully. For now, if you need to re-post, just click the delete button (which you'll see once I send you the link) and re-post. OR just roll-over the link and send me the ID number and I'll fix it for you.
  8. Inline: Videos (Youtube/Banned.video/Bitchute/Peertube), Images, and .mp3 files. Don't write HTML, just write words, and paste in links.
  9. Why default ads are set to Google ads: Because if you don't put up an ad, I will. Don't like it? Put up an ad! Don't like it? Run uBlock Origin like I do. Google doesn't pay anyway, I really just needed a default ad block; if you know of something that pays more than $2.00 per month please enlighten me.
  10. Hackability: You know you can break this. I know I can break this. Please don't do it. Thank you.
  11. Request: If you like this concept please tell people because I can only keep it up if people want it.