A Tireless Minority

Largest NYS Experimental mRNA Mass-Vaxx Sites .....'to Reach Most Vulnerable'
Feb 22, 2021 08:39 ET
Well if you want to kill the old, sick, and mentally challenged.... do this. If you want to kill the Spanish, Black, and other "service workers," do this. If you want to kill the liberals who fought for your evil cause unknowingly, do this. And if you want to get the city in which you've invested hundreds of billions of fiat dollar to make the big new glass soulless monstrosities sing... do this. For what is a big-glass-monstrosity in Manhattan if you can't "spray off the blood" and move on? It's not porous. Easy Peasy. Just spray baby; it's like a Manhattan super with too much time on his hands.... spray spray spray.

Man I'm a muthafuckin Paul Harvey. Stay tuned kids